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So little time . . . so much to learn

by on Apr.08, 2009, under Uncategorized

Is it really so much to ask that I be omniscient? Actually, I really wouldn’t want to know absolutely everything, that would just be too depressing- and boring- but I would like to know a ridiculous amount of things. Right now.

I find it incredibly annoying that there are so many fantstic things out there to know and not enough time to learn it all. I actually love to learn and would be happy to take classes in all the reality-based subjects I want to know (I don’t imagine anyone offers clairvoyance 101; now that would be handy), but even when I have the time to at least take a class or two, just a tiny drop in the bucket, I haven’t the money. In truth I would love to be a professional student, but again, money. Life can be such a bastard at times!

I think I will offer free labor to people who would train me in something cool and useful. Like carpentry, or electrical engineering or sewing. Not that sewing is anything I ever sit down and long to do (call me crazy, but I do actually sit down and wish I could build a cabinet or other such useful things . . . or stand and wish it), but there have been countless times I wished to just make the costume or clothing that I want, since it’s so impossible to find what you want when you’re looking for it. Or it is for me, at least! 

So, I want to be fluent in countless languages (I’ll start with Spanish, as I do live in San Diego. Maybe a little Italian or French or German at the same time), learn to build whatever I need, fix my own car, make my own clothes, I would love to have a green thumb (I’d say mine’s in the yellow category about now. I can keep certain plants alive and flourishing, but I think that’s luck and hardy plants), I’m obsessing about this driving desire I have to re-finish my furniture and I seriously need to re-work the wiring the idiot builders did such a shoddy job on in my condo, etc., etc., etc. Spring fever is not good for me! Oh, and since I am job searching, quickbooks and maybe some advanced HTML coding should be on the menu too!

So anyone out there needing free labor and a fast learning, hard-worker- here I am!

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Interrobang &#8253

by on Nov.18, 2008, under Uncategorized

I love it! I must admit, as much as I lean (or perhaps bend over backwards) toward the classic side of the grammar debate the majority of the time, I vary on a few select issues. Such as the use of “they” for an unidentified singular antecedent. Don’t bother arguing with me, I say “they” and I’m sticking to it!

My other non-classicist leaning is my enjoyment of multiple punctuation marks. My email friends would certainly attest to this, my frequent use of multiple exclamation points is infamous! Despite this, I manage to squelch the urge when not instant messaging or writing informal emails, for the cleaner and grammatically correct single punctuation. However, perhaps because of the playwright in me, it is not an easy urge to quell. It is of paramount importance that I convey the intention of each sentence and oftentimes one punctuation just cannot express the depth of my emotion!(!) “Help! Help! I’m being repressed! Come see the violence inherent in the system!” I’m sorry, Monty Python quotes just slip out occasionally. Hey, it’s my blog, I’ll do what I want!

Anyway, this frequently happens to me with questions that are also exclamations, which is why I love the interrobang! Just saying it requires an exclamation point- Interrobang! Even if it were not so much fun just saying interrobang (okay, okay, I’ll stop), I appreciate the recognition that sometimes the surprise or incredulity of an interrogative statement rivals the fact that it is an interrogative statement. Not that grammarians completely caved, it is not a punctuation that is accepted in formal writing. It is also still a single punctuation, they just happened to slap an exclamation point on top of a question mark, or vice versa, if you like. But for all those who feel as I do, that occasionally one just isn’t enough, please go interrobang crazy- for all of us!


For proper use of the interrobang, please enjoy this very informative interrobang introduction by Grammar Girl:


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La Gracia y Pasion- My brother totally rocks once again (as do Wendy, Alex & Randy)

by on Nov.16, 2008, under Dance, Entertainment

I was going to post after the first performance of de Gracia y Pasion on November 8th, but I knew I would be attending the second showing almost as soon as the first began. So, I went to see my brother’s flamenco show for the second time this weekend, because it was that good! Yes, it is my brother and I am biased. Yes, I am still absolutely correct. Believe me, I would not say how ridiculously talented he is were it not annoyingly true.  

Actually, to be more accurate, it is not just my brother, Scott’s, show. He, his girlfriend Wendy, and two of their friends came up with an idea for the four of them to do a show highlighting each of thier talents. So, as Wendy is a flamenco dancer (flamenco guitarist and dancer, doesn’t that work out nicely for them?), she dances in the show along with another beautiful dancer from her troupe, Alex, who also sings. Well, Scott could not be outnumbered, so his long-time friend and guitar teacher, Randy Pile, joins them. So, the quartet share equally in the rockin’ness. Yes, I just made up a word for them- they rock that much.

They had told me about this idea months ago, but they took it on the road first (and as fantastic as they all are, I cannot afford to go to Colorado just for a show) and they live in Glendale, CA, so I was waiting impatiently for them to perform it when and where I could actually attend! Finally, they brought it to Lila Jolla Studios in La Jolla, CA and I snagged two seats before they could sell out! 

So, onto the show! The program was put together flawlessly, moving from the dramatic and passionate pieces of the Operas el Amor Brujo, la Vida Breve and Goyescas through a little of Flamenco’s impressive history and closing with three standard dances Alegrias, Bulerias and Sevillanas and lots of audience cheering! From Alex pounding out an impossibly fast rhythm with her feet to a melancholy guitar duet to a sexy Tango, the pace of the show moves quickly through highs, a few lows (tempo only!) and never a dull moment. Really. 

Scott takes a moment between various pieces to introduce the audience to the background of the piece and composer, allowing those unfamiliar with the style or not fluent in Spanish to appreciate the back story. Wendy, or “Micaela”, covers the dance history, she and Alexandra taking on the persona or style of the dancer(s) they are emulating. This is particularly fun when they reach the brazen Carmen Amaya, who defied the “just look pretty and wave your arms” standard set for female flamenco dancers and wore a taliored man’s suit and stomped away with the best of them!

Each performer gets a solo moment, which is great, because it’s difficult to decide who to watch most of the time! Micaela and Alexandra have very distinct dance styles, but they mesh and compliment each other beautifully. Scott and Randy’s long history is evident in the flawless way in which they accompany each other. They are all very different personalities who intertwine seamlessy. Flamenco allows them to showcase their personalities, while interacting and encouraging each other on stage. It’s just fun to watch. And I do mean fun! 

I have attended many a classical show, not a few being my brother’s various performances, and have appreciated the execution and the skill of the musicians. I have certainly been moved by the beauty of the pieces and occasionally found myself relaxed to the point of an almost meditative state (decide for yourself whether that is good or bad). I have been to dance shows where I marvel at the ease with which dancers defy gravity or the speed and complexity of their footwork. Yet it is a rare show that makes me feel like I am at a party I just don’t want to end- and this show did that! twice! Whatever your musical style or interests, this is just a great time. If they come back to San Diego, or visit your city, go see them! If you have any measure of taste, you cannot possibly regret it!

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Yes on 8- Really, California?

by on Nov.05, 2008, under Uncategorized

So, the popular majority (because I am not even acknowledging the electoral college) in the United States celebrates as we all take a moment to appreciate an historic moment in our nation’s history. Fantastic, now we can wait to see how our president-elect will attempt to address cleaning up the landfill that has become our environment, economy, foreign policy, etc, etc, etc.  

But forget that; I wait on tenterhooks for the definitive result of the basic human rights issue foremost in my mind since Proposition 8 was included on the ballot. And what to my wondrous disappointment should appear- 52% of Californians say no to basic human rights. No Virginia, there is no separation of church and state. Why was I naive enough to hope California would live up to it’s liberal (in a positive sense) and progressive reputation? Honestly, I just thought more of the inhabitants of this state. My unfortunate mistake. 

Well homophobes and religious zealots can now congratulate themselves- there will no longer be homosexual couples! Children will never encounter the existence of homosexuality! Oh wait, no, gay couples will still be allowed in public? they may even hold hands? or kiss?! or do anything single, straight couples do in public? and they’ll still have SEX? OH GOD NO!!! Perhaps we should have allowed them to marry, that would have at least solved the sex issue. Oh well, at least the ancient tradition of heterosexuals being the only ones permitted to destroy the sanctity of marriage remains intact. Not just any religious reich, I mean right, could pass such a glaringly discriminatory and unconstitutional amendment! Homophobe high five!

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