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So little time . . . so much to learn

by on Apr.08, 2009, under Uncategorized

Is it really so much to ask that I be omniscient? Actually, I really wouldn’t want to know absolutely everything, that would just be too depressing- and boring- but I would like to know a ridiculous amount of things. Right now.

I find it incredibly annoying that there are so many fantstic things out there to know and not enough time to learn it all. I actually love to learn and would be happy to take classes in all the reality-based subjects I want to know (I don’t imagine anyone offers clairvoyance 101; now that would be handy), but even when I have the time to at least take a class or two, just a tiny drop in the bucket, I haven’t the money. In truth I would love to be a professional student, but again, money. Life can be such a bastard at times!

I think I will offer free labor to people who would train me in something cool and useful. Like carpentry, or electrical engineering or sewing. Not that sewing is anything I ever sit down and long to do (call me crazy, but I do actually sit down and wish I could build a cabinet or other such useful things . . . or stand and wish it), but there have been countless times I wished to just make the costume or clothing that I want, since it’s so impossible to find what you want when you’re looking for it. Or it is for me, at least! 

So, I want to be fluent in countless languages (I’ll start with Spanish, as I do live in San Diego. Maybe a little Italian or French or German at the same time), learn to build whatever I need, fix my own car, make my own clothes, I would love to have a green thumb (I’d say mine’s in the yellow category about now. I can keep certain plants alive and flourishing, but I think that’s luck and hardy plants), I’m obsessing about this driving desire I have to re-finish my furniture and I seriously need to re-work the wiring the idiot builders did such a shoddy job on in my condo, etc., etc., etc. Spring fever is not good for me! Oh, and since I am job searching, quickbooks and maybe some advanced HTML coding should be on the menu too!

So anyone out there needing free labor and a fast learning, hard-worker- here I am!

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