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Yes on 8- Really, California?

by on Nov.05, 2008, under Uncategorized

So, the popular majority (because I am not even acknowledging the electoral college) in the United States celebrates as we all take a moment to appreciate an historic moment in our nation’s history. Fantastic, now we can wait to see how our president-elect will attempt to address cleaning up the landfill that has become our environment, economy, foreign policy, etc, etc, etc.  

But forget that; I wait on tenterhooks for the definitive result of the basic human rights issue foremost in my mind since Proposition 8 was included on the ballot. And what to my wondrous disappointment should appear- 52% of Californians say no to basic human rights. No Virginia, there is no separation of church and state. Why was I naive enough to hope California would live up to it’s liberal (in a positive sense) and progressive reputation? Honestly, I just thought more of the inhabitants of this state. My unfortunate mistake. 

Well homophobes and religious zealots can now congratulate themselves- there will no longer be homosexual couples! Children will never encounter the existence of homosexuality! Oh wait, no, gay couples will still be allowed in public? they may even hold hands? or kiss?! or do anything single, straight couples do in public? and they’ll still have SEX? OH GOD NO!!! Perhaps we should have allowed them to marry, that would have at least solved the sex issue. Oh well, at least the ancient tradition of heterosexuals being the only ones permitted to destroy the sanctity of marriage remains intact. Not just any religious reich, I mean right, could pass such a glaringly discriminatory and unconstitutional amendment! Homophobe high five!

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